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How does your service work?


Normally, we recommend customers to email us about painting before they place an order. We can discuss the items to be painted, how you would like them painted and if you have a specific time frame. We can either acquire the miniatures for you and invoice you for the price of the miniatures, or if you already own them, you can simply mail them to us. Once we receive the miniatures, we will email you to let you know we have the product. Painting is done on a first come first serve basis, meaning your order is placed in a que by date, and we work from the oldest order to the newest one. Throughout to painting process, we will give you updates. These are mainly going to be when we begin work on your order, once all items are primed and base coated, when we have an end result for you to check over (this is done for each individual mini), after edits, after clear coating and finally after shipping is sent (which will also contain the tracking number in most cases).


This process is a lot simpler. You place the order and we will let you know when we begin to print the item if it wasn't in stock. We will send you pictures as it progresses if you request them and will inform you when we ship it out. It's also worth noting that all medium sized items are printed to 32mm scale unless you add a note to your purchase. 

Print Quality

We use two different printer types depending on the miniature in question. Generally, larger items like buildings, rocks or large terrain pieces are going to be made with an FDM printer, while more detail oriented items like people, monsters and smaller scatter terrain will be made using a DLP resin printer. We do this for three major reasons : 1) Resin is typically more expensive than filament, especially if you are including the material needed for post processing. 2) Resin is a more brittle material than filament once it is fully cured and cant really handle wear and tear as well as filament based items can. From my experience, terrain/buildings usually take more of a beating because there aren't really good storage solutions for them compared to the average miniature. 3) The available build area is smaller on resin printers than the typical FDM printer. This means the larger models would have to come in more pieces and require more post process work making it even more expensive than just a material difference.


We do not accept returns. Once an order is placed, you will be able to cancel or edit the order until work begins. You will be emailed when work begins on your order and at that point you are locked in. This is because almost all of our paint jobs or prints are made custom for you! We will send you emails regarding order progress and before we ship out a painted item, we will send you pictures of the item to ensure you approve of the color/paint job. Because of this communication prior to order completion, we will not accept returns as you will have approved on the end result before the item is shipped to you. 

This policy does not apply to items that get damaged or broken in shipping. Please contact us via email first should something break in shipping with pictures of the broken or damaged piece. We will most likely need to file an insured shipping claim and you will most likely end up receiving an entirely new item. This insurance is usually automatically included and will generally cover the entire cost of most orders (if that's necessary) as we ship mostly using USPS priority mail using their flat rate boxes or via their First Class mail. You can find more info about their policies at . Please do not mail a broken item back without contacting us first.


We currently accept payments through PayPal, so anything that works for them, works for us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other question!

Thanks for submitting!

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